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Class of 1966

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Welcome to the official website dedicated to the Class of 1966. 

Close your eyes for a moment and go back 40 years to a time of Elvis and the Beatles, 8-tracks, and Atari's. Now fast forward to the present - a time of X-boxes, DVD, and MP3s - where television is digital, phones are wireless, and your world consists of the internet and powerful computers the size of a post card.

Despite the passage of time and all the differences in personalities, the class of '66 has remained a close one. And now we are pleased to provide you with an opportunity to continue to stay in touch.

Classmates' e-mail addresses can be found at Class of '66.  Or maybe you'd like to let the class know about a happy event - post a message at the Bulletin Board.

For local tourism information, special events, weather, popular Cajun websites, and informational & educational websites, check out Fun Facts & Favorite Links.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy the stories and photographs you'll find here, and that the memories they invoke are happy ones.


The inspiration behind this website is the "Mom" of the Class of '66, Linda Knight Theriot. She has been the guiding force in keeping this class connected. All of the special event photographs and most of the information has been provided by Linda.

Robert "Bob" Lee has worked for years compiling photographs and commentary. His advice has been invaluable.

Web hosting services, design & maintenance of website provided by Susan DuBois Melancon.

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