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            THS 1966 Alumni
Prayer Warriors

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Ask our Chaplain!

Do you have a question that has been bugging you for a while?
Do you have a spiritual matter that you would like to
discuss in private?
Want to know what the Bible says about a particular subject?       Ask the Chaplain!

 Contact Terry Broome, Class Chaplain 

Our chaplain, Terry Broome, is a member of our class of '66, and has been a minister of the Gospel these past 35 years. He presently preaches for the Broad Street Church of Christ in Scottsboro, Alabama. As our chaplain, he is devoted to studying the Bible to help you answer your questions.

Ask your question and he will respond to you. The response will be given after studying the topic and praying about it, so it may take a while for you to get a response, but you WILL hear back from him.


The following have volunteered to pray for you in your prayer needs.

If you are interested in participating as a Prayer Warrior, contact

                                Linda Knight Theriot  


As we receive more volunteers, their names will be added.

Marylin Alleman Porche Donald Ghere Etta Toups Fair
Joe Blum Wayne Graves Yvonne Pitre Robichaux
Sharon Bordelon Adkins Bonnie Gresham Davidson Charlene Cehan Keneker
Francis Boudloche Glen Henley Christine Rhodes
Janelle Bourdier O'Neal Donna Lafleur Mills  
Brenda Bourgeois Fanguy Paul Maclean  
Yvonne Breaux Jones Susan Pennison LeBoeuf  
Linda Chaisson Danos Patricia Pisani Kraemer  
Gene Darcey Cheryl Pellegrin  
Darlene Davis Joy Portier Oubre  
Mary Ann Dennis Graves Linus Shackelford  
Ida Jean Dugas Bergeron Elizabeth Smith Klemens  
Bonnie Dupre Linda Smith Smith  
Evelyn Fanguy Geist Sandra Thibodaux Mizell  
Barbara Fitzhugh Morris William Wolfe  

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