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THS 1966

25th Reunion 1991

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June 14, 1991

A classmate social was held at Benedict House with approximately 112 in attendance.

Classmates who won door prizes at the social were:  Warren LeBlanc, Gilbert Hicks, June Welsch, and Brenda Vice.                                           

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Classmate Corrine Soudelier married James A. Barlow, Jr. on August 10, 1991.

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June 15, 1991

The reunion dance was held at East Park Recreation with approximately 143 classmates in attendance (77 female & 66 male).

Classmates who won door prizes at the dance were:  Bill Wolf, Ed Richard, Darlene Davis, Mary Ann Dennis, Eric Matherne, Bonita Dupre, Harriet Domangue, and Nelia Anderson.

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The reunion booklet was dedicated to the THS graduates of 1966 who were deceased.  A memorial service was held in their honor at 4:00 p.m. on June 15, 1991 at St. Francis deSales Cathedral in Houma, Louisiana.

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Kojak - Male classmate with the least amount of hair
Bruce Trosclair

Grecian Formula & Loving Care - The most amount of gray hair
Larry Morris & Darlene Cantrelle

Freedom Fighter - Married first time at oldest age
David Matherne

Classmate Married the Longest
- Larry Whatley     Female - Irma Ledet

Lucky Child - Classmate with the youngest child
Daniel LeCompte

Classmate with the most children of their own
Joseph Blum

Classmate with grandchildren of their own
1st Generation Producer
- Joan Dupre



Voted best looking male & female
- David Carlos       Ten  - Gail Miller

Voted best dancers at the reunion
Kirth Thibodaux & Carol McRae

Classmate who traveled the furthest to attend
- Vickie Hopkins

Most Kept Secret Award
- Francis Hines

Private Eye Award
- Darlene Davis

Suspense Award
10th Year Spectacular
- Roy Youngblood

Most Creative Award
- Cheryl Pennison


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