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THS 1966

Special Events

Food ~ Fun ~ Fellowship...
Dutch Supper Socials are held twice each year.  Watch for up- coming events posted at the Bulletin Board.
We encourage you to bring your spouse/partner or a date or friend and join us. 

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 Donations Appreciated
(all funds used for actual expenses; no salaries or compensation)


Supper Socials at Floaters Restaurant March 2003   Group Photo   and August 2003; The Guys  and The Gals
 (8/03 Photos Courtesy of Tom Guidry)     

Sept. 03 Lunch                 Oct. 03 Lunch                   Oct. 03 Supper #1              Oct. 03 Supper #2

Spring Social '04    

June 17, 2006, 40th Reunion
Gals Group Photo            Guys Group Photo


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Spring Social March 13, '04

Thank you all so much

 for honoring me with the won-

derful gift basket full of great

Cajun mix & special gifts.

Susan Dubois Melancon

Tableshot 1

Tableshot 2

Tableshot 3

Tableshot 4

Tableshot 5

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